Murter Live

an ongoing inspiration

Murter and is a small seaside tourist town with gorgeous beaches, scenery, rich history and endless inspiration.  
The options for photoshoots are endless and would make for a great experience with all involved.

During the months of September to July, accommodations, both with travel and boarding are quite affordable.   
Murter is conveniently located between two airports, Split (70min) and Zadar (60min).  Transportation is readily available to and from these cities and their airports.  Both cities, Split and Zadar, are popular tourist destinations that could also be of great interest for visitors.


Split -Diocletian's Palace

Split-Diocletian's Palace

Zadar -Sun Salutation

Zadar-Sun Salutation

The proposed base location for Mastered Live would be the beach at Čigradja which is equipped with two restaurants, a night club the Adriatic Sea and plenty of inspiration.  This location would be best utilized during the months of September-June, but can be made available at alternative dates/times if necessary.  

Cigradja beach

Čigradja has multiple locations with interesting options for backgrounds including but not limited to, Rocky Coast, Ocean, Pine Trees and Nature Paths. 

 In walking distance is a unique structure of a house that is covered with graphite, which makes for a very cool topic of discussion, offering a colorful background with beautiful light. 

We also have options of parked Boats (Sail boats, speed boats, old wooden boats,  or even a little red submarine)  to use them for a shoot. 

Another valuable spot nearby (walk-able or 5 min car ride) is the hill at RADUČ.  This hill was the location for military units pre- WW1.  Currently deserted, you can explore it’s tunnels that stretch from one side of the hill to the other, bunkers, abandoned buildings, ruins, cell phone towers, and incredible views. 

Additional locations, all in walking distance include the Old City/ Pirate Town with a church at the highest point of the town on the hill, quaint streets, wooden windows and incredible stone architectures. 

Not far from there is the Shipyard with it’s always changing scenery.

The cherry on top of it all is Murter’s proudest achievement, Kornati National Park. With its desert like nature and fishermen villages It presents unique background. Kornati can be reached by boat and requires a full day event. 

Murter would be the easiest option to stay during the workshop, but as an option, near to Murter is the city of Sibenic, which is emerging as one of the top destinations on Dalmatian coast. With newly build luxury resort and rich cultural and historical scene, it offers alternative stay just 40 minutes of Murter.
Places like a St Mihovil fortress offers a great place for a final night Mastered party. 


All this and more can provide a great set up for a shoots with Mastered Live.  
Croatia offers a unique Mediterranean experience, and the town of Murter embraces them all, offering something for everybody. 

Thank you for consideration with this event.  I would be happy to discuss this further with you to see how we can make it happen!